Overview of the Chemical Industry in Thailand and How to Buy Chemicals

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Introduction to Thailand

  • Thailand has a population of 69 million.
  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Official Language: Thai
  • Total Area: 513,120 km2
  • Currency: Thailand Baht (THB)

Economy of Thailand

Economic Overview:

    • Thailand is located in Southeastern Asia.
    • Thailand has the 2nd largest economy in Southeastern Asia.
    • Thailand has a nominal GDP of USD 543.5 million.
    • The largest industries: Automotive and Parts, Cement, Electrical Components and Appliances, Computers and Parts, Furniture, Plastic Products, Steel, Oil and Gas, Textiles and Garments, Tobacco, Agricultural Processing, and Auto Manufacturing.

Economy Breakdown of Thailand:

      • Service sector: 52%
      • Industry: 39%
      • Agriculture: 8%

Thailand's Main Import Partners:

      • China: 20%
      • Japan: 14%
      • USA: 7%
      • Malaysia: 5%
      • Taiwan: 4%
      • South Korea: 4%

Thailand’’s Main Export Partners:

      • China: 12%
      • USA: 11%
      • Japan: 9%
      • Hong Kong: 5%
      • Vietnam: 5%
      • Australia: 4%

Chemical use in Thailand

Given the economic growth of Thailand, it is an attractive country for chemical trade. Thailand's chemical industry is diverse and includes fertilizer, automobile parts industries, textiles and apparel, steel, plastic manufacturing, computers and electronics, agriculture processing, machinery, and auto manufacturing.

The chemicals industry contributes about 3% in export and 16% in import share.

      • Electronics Manufacturing Industry

The electronics manufacturing industry is the largest and fastest-growing industry in Thailand, producing up to 15% of total exports, which is the largest percentage in the country.

The widely exported goods within this category are computers and integrated circuits, which account for about 8% and 4%, and are valued at about USD 18 billion and USD 10 billion of all exports respectively.

Camachem has supplied industrial chemicals such as Copper Sulfate Monohydrate, Phosphonic Acid 96% , and Ferric Chloride 96% to industries in Thailand.

      • Automotive and Parts Industry

Thailand is the largest producer of motor vehicles in Southeast Asia, producing about 2 million units annually.

Brands of vehicles manufactured to international standards in Thailand include BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and trucks.

Thailand also produces automotive parts, which accounts for about 3% of the county's total exports. Cars and Trucks account for an estimated 4% and 5% of the total exports respectively.

Thailand uses a lot of imported industrial chemicals from countries such as China and the United States.

Camachem has supplied industrial chemicals such as Caustic Soda Flakes, Zinc Sulfate, and Lead Nitrate.

      • Plastic Industry

Thailand prides itself as the largest producer of environmentally friendly plastics, guided and reinforced by strong government policies.

They are the biggest consumer of plastics in the automotive and electronics industries. The automotive industry consumes an estimated USD 900 million worth of plastic annually.

Plastics are used in parts for cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes.

Camachem has supplied industrial chemicals such as Rutile Titanium Dioxide Sulfate R-248, Intermediates, and Chloroprene Rubber CR 2322.

Seaports and Trading Hubs of Thailand

Thailand is accessible by both land and sea. For international trading, the main seaports are:

      • Bangkok Port
      • Laem Chabang Port
      • Sriracha Harbour Deep Seaport
      • Map Ta Phut Port
      • Sattahip Commercial Port
      • Port of Krabi
      • Ranong Port

For importing goods, Camachem uses Bangkok's largest port, which is also the busiest container port in Thailand.

Seaports and Trading Hubs in Thailand

      • International trading seaports and hubs in Thailand, including Bangkok, which handles an estimated $1,500,000.00 worth of imports.

Port of Bangkok in Thailand

What Chemicals does Thailand Import?

According to the latest trade data, Thailand’s imports of inorganic and organic chemicals are valued at USD 45 billion.

What Regulations are there on Importing Chemicals to Thailand?


  • Importing Samples


The government of Thailand allows duty-free import of samples (not for commercial use), provided a bank guarantee or indemnity bond is provided to Customs to ensure that the items will be returned.

Most chemicals are harmful to both humans and the environment; therefore, chemical importation requires proper guidelines to ensure proper handling and use. The government of Thailand has developed a set of regulations to guide importers of chemicals. These requirements include:

      • Importing Samples: The government of Thailand allows duty-free import of samples but must provide an indemnity bond to customs authority to ensure that the items will be returned.
      • Bill of Landing.
      • Certificate of Compliance.
      • Health Certification
      • License and Permits
      • Risk-Based Trade Control Systems
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Inspection and Examination Procedures
      • Valuation
      • Insurance Certificates
      • Identification Document
      • Cargo Release Order
      • Packing List
      • Certificate of Weight and Volume

Why Should Thailand Import Chemicals?

      • High Cost of Chemicals - When the cost of labor, taxes, and raw materials is high, the final product's cost will also be high. To avoid incurring extra costs, most industries prefer to buy from the international market.
      • Chemical Quality - Local industries are not consistent in terms of the quality of chemicals. This makes most buyers source chemicals from international markets.
      • Long-Term Agreements - Long-time agreements range between 20 to 30 years. Most local industries are only able to maintain a contract for 10 years. This provides customers with the assurance of consistency.

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