Overview of the Chemical Industry in Egypt and How to Buy Chemicals

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Brief introduction of Egypt

  • Egypt has a population of 104,137,951 people.
  • Capital: Cairo  
  • Official languages: Arabic
  • Total Area: 1,010,408 km2
  • Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)

Economic statistics of Egypt

  • Egypt has the 2nd largest economy in Africa. Egypt has a GDP of $ 303.20 billion.
  • Egypt’s economy is divided into:
  • Agriculture 11.05%
  • Industry 35.62%
  • Service 50.47%
  • The main industries of Egypt include:
  • Textile
  • Food processing
  • Tourism
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Egypt’s main import partners are;
  • The United States 8.8%
  • The United Arab Emirates 6.3%
  • Turkey 5.8%        
  • Saudi Arabia 5.7%
  • India 5.1%
  • Egypt’s main export partners are:
  • China 15.1%
  • Russia 6.6%
  • The United States 6.1%
  • Saudi Arabia 6.1%
  • Germany 4.9%

Chemical use in Egypt


Chemicals for sale in Egypt

Polyaluminium Chloride is one of the key chemicals we have for sale

Given the economic growth of Egypt, it is an attractive country for chemicals trades. Egypt’s chemical industry is diverse and includes chemicals for:

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Egypt’s pharmaceutical industry is one of the oldest strategic sectors in the country.
  • It is the largest drug manufacturing industry in the MENA region. Besides, local production accounts for 93%, while 7% is from international manufacturers.
  • The industry uses various chemicals to produce the drugs for domestic and export use.

Manufacturing Industry

  • The chemical industry in Egypt is one of the targeted industries to grow in the country through various projects. In 2017, the country was planning to install new production units in Misr Fertilizers Production Company, Egyptian Ethylene and in Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO) worth $4 billion. This was to help in fertilizer and glasses manufacturing in Egypt. Besides, it would improve the country’s export units.
  • When the petrochemical industry gets developed, the plastic and fiber industries would see immense growth.
  • The manufacturing sector has benefited from the chemical industry. The production of detergent in Egypt has hiked, thus improving the export units. In 2017, the country recorded a 74% growth in detergent exports.

Construction Industry 

  • Egypt has a growing construction chemicals market. In 2019, the industry’s value was $283.2 million, and by 2027, it expects to reach $444.5 million.
  • The construction industry uses chemical formulations in concrete and mortar to enhance their compatibility with buildings’ structures. They reduce the amount of water and cement needed during construction. These construction chemicals include flooring chemicals, concrete admixture, adhesive & sealants repair, and asphalt modifiers.

The chemicals sector contributes to about 3% of GDP and about 12% of manufacturing GDP in Egypt.

Egypt uses large amounts of industrial chemicals. Some come from local manufactures while most come from imports.

Given the large mining industry in Egypt, it mining chemicals that must be imported.

Seaports and trading hubs of Egypt                  

Egypt is accessible through land and sea.

For international trading, the main seaports are;

  • Port Alexandria
  • Port Said
  • Port El Dekheila
  • Port Damietta
  • Port Eilat

For importing the goods, Camachem uses the largest port of Alexandria.

What chemicals does Egypt import?

According to the latest trade data, Egypt imports $ 2.6 billion in organic and inorganic chemicals. They include chemicals such as;

  • Phosphoric acid
  • Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Ferric chloride
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Calcium carbide
  • Sodium Mercaptoacetate
  • Caustic soda
  • Polyaluminium chloride
  • Ferric Aluminium Sulfate

Sodium Hydrosulfide is one of the key chemicals we have

What regulations are there on importing chemicals to Egypt?

  • Any good imported to Egypt cannot be put into direct sale in the Egyptian market until its inspection and adherence to the country’s specifications.
  • When importing industrial, chemical, mining, or any other special chemical to Egypt, it goes through the General Organization for Import Export Control (GOEIC) for inspection. The body uses authorized laboratories to inspect the imported chemicals.
  • Besides, the importers need to provide the following;
  • Original Safety Data Sheet to GOEIC
  • Ratification letter to GOEIC with a bank stamp
  • General Power of Attorney to the Customs clearance representative

Why should Egypt import chemicals?    

  • Availability- there are local chemical manufacturers in Egypt, but some clients may need goods on time and in bulk.
  • High chemicals Cost- most of the chemicals produced locally in Egypt are expensive due to competition. Therefore, importing from other countries like China, which is cheaper, can be a better option.
  • Chemical quality- international companies use the best raw materials to manufacture their chemicals because of their reputation.

 Where Can I Buy Chemicals for Egypt? 

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