Polyether Polyol

Other Trading Names:

  • polytetramethylene glycol (PTMEG/PTMG/PTMO) / polytetrahydrofuran glycol (PTHF)
  • polypropylene glycol (PPG)
  • polyethylene glycol / polyethylene oxide (PEG/PEO)

CAS Number:

polytetramethylene glycol (PTMEG) 25190-06-1; polypropylene glycol 25322-69-4 (PPG); polyethylene glycol 25332-68-3 (PEO/PEG)

HS Code: 390720

Types of Packaging:


  • 1 kg foil bag
  • 10 / 25 kg carton
  • 25 kg drum


  • 200 kg drum
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Polyether Polyol

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Transparent viscous liquid without suspended solids and mechanical impurities

GB/T 31062-2014

Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH/g)


GB/T 12008.3-2009

Water Content (%)


GB/T 22313-2008



GB/T 12008.2-2010

Viscosity (mPa·s/25°C)


GB/T 12008.7-2010

Acid value (mgKOH/g)


GB/T 12008.5-2010

Chemical Description 

Polyether Polyol Classification

  • Polyether polyols may be further subdivided and classified as polyethylene oxide or polyethylene glycol (PEG), polypropylene glycol (PPG) and Polytetrahydrofuran or PTMEG.

Polyethylene glycol / Polyethylene oxide (PEG / PEO)

  • Polyethylene glycol is a kind of high polymer, the chemical formula is HO(CH2CH2O) NH, non-irritating, slightly bitter taste, with good water solubility, and many organic components have good compatibility.
  • Low relative molecular weight of polyethylene glycol means it can be used as a solvent, cosolvent, O/W emulsifier and stabilizer, suspension, emulsion.
  • PEG is also used as a water-soluble ointment and suppository matrix.
  • For drugs that are not readily soluble in water, this product can be used as a carrier of solid dispersants to achieve solid dispersion.

Polypropylene Glycol PPG

  • PPG series are soluble in organic solvents such as toluene, ethanol and trichloroethylene. PPG-200, 400, 600 are soluble in water, with lubrication, solubilization, defoaming and antistatic properties. PPG-200 It can be used as a dispersing agent for pigments.
  • In cosmetics, PPG-400 is used as an emollient, softener and lubricant.
  • antifoaming agent in coatings and hydraulic oils
  • antifoaming agent in synthetic rubber and latex processing
  • refrigerant and coolant for heat transfer fluids
  • intermediate for esterification, etherification and polycondensation
  • release agent, solubilizer, an additive for synthetic oils, for water dissolution cutting fluid, roller oil, hydraulic oil additive, high temperature lubricant, rubber internal lubricant and external lubricant
  • PPG-2000~8000 has excellent lubrication, anti-foaming, heat and frost resistance
  • PPG-3000 ~ 8000 is mainly used as a component of the polyether, polyurethane foam production. PPG-3000 ~ 8000 can be used for production of plasticizers, lubricants, either directly or after esterification 


  • The main use of polytetrahydrofuran is to make elastic fibers such as spandex (elastane) for stretchable fabrics and for polyurethane resins. The latter are polyurethane prepolymers dissolved in solvent. They are used in the manufacture of artificial leather. These elastomers are either polyurethanes made by reacting PTMEG with diisocyanates, or polyesters made by reacting PTMEG with diacids or their derivatives.

The polymer is also a starting material for thermoplastic polyurethane, thermoplastic polyesters, polyetherimide and cast polyurethane elastomers, used for instance in the wheels of roller skates and skateboards.

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Polyether Polyol