Overview of Chemical Industry in the Philippines and How to Buy Chemicals

Flag of Philippines, One of Camachem customer

Flag of the Philippines

Introduction to the Philippines

Population: 109.6 million

Capital: Manila

Official Language: Filipino and English

Total Area: 300,000 km²

Currency: Philippine peso (₱)

Economy of the Philippines

Economic Overview:

  • The Philippines has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $361.5 billion.
  • The dominant industries include agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, mining and mineral processing, and electronics manufacturing.

Economy Breakdown of Philippines:

  • Agriculture: 8.82%
  • Industry: 30.17%
  • Services: 61%

Philippines’s Main Import Partners:

  1. The United States 15.63%
  2. Hong Kong, China 14.16%
  3. Japan: 14.04%
  4. China: 12.89%
  5. Singapore: 6.27%

Philippines’ Main Export Partners:

  1. China 19.63%
  2. Korea, Rep 10.00%
  3. Japan 9.91%
  4. The United States 7.21
  5. Thailand 6.91

Chemical Use In the Philippines

Chemical Industry adds over $3.5 billion to the GDP. It has tremendous growth potential and is expected to show significant annual growth.

The Philippines’ chemical sector contributes to the success of other industries such as mining, agribusiness, and pharmaceuticals.

Here are a couple of the top Philippine industries that rely on imported chemicals.

  • Mining Industry

The Philippines houses some of the biggest mineral reserves in the world and is the country’s ace towards success. The country is actively in the process of tapping into the massive potential of its mining industry.

Camachem successfully supplies chemicals like Sodium Sulfide to the mining and mineral processing companies of the Philippines.

  • Fertilizers Industry

With close to 10% contribution of the agricultural sector in the GDP, the fertilizer industry is crucial for the country’s growth and sustainability. This entails great investment opportunities in the agribusiness sector, and Camachem is the best chemical supplier to have on your side.

Camachem has been supplying chemicals Ammonium Sulfate and more to fertilizer companies of the Philippines.

Seaports And Trading Hubs Of the Philippines

  1. Port of Manila
  2. Port of Cebu
  3. Batangas International Port
  4. Port of Subic
  5. Port of Cagayan de Oro

Port of Manila used by Camachem

Port of Manila

Camachem uses the largest port of Manila.

What Chemicals Does the Philippines Import?

The Philippines imported $1.12 billion worth of organic chemicals in 2020.

What Regulations Are There On Importing Chemicals To the Philippines?

Chemical imports in the Philippines must follow the government guidelines related to hazardous and prohibited substances. Here are the requirements of importing in the country:

  • Bill of Landing
  • Origin Certificate
  • Import Clearance Certificate from the Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • Import Declaration
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice

Why Should the Philippines Import Chemicals?

· Better Price

Suppliers like Camachem have internationally competitive prices that are even better than local suppliers.

· Availability

An international supplier has a global clientele and thus, has no stock issues like local suppliers.

· Quality of Chemicals

Imported chemicals come with guaranteed international standards of quality.

· Long-Term Deals

There are no contract limitations from international suppliers.

Where Can I Buy Chemicals For the Philippines?

Camachem can supply chemicals in the Philippines. Contact us now at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation.

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