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Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid

Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid 60%

CAS Number

7664 – 93 – 9

Other trading names

  • Alkyl Hydroximic Acid

Types of Packaging

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity/drum
  • Use plastic drums with 180 kg weight capacity.

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Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid 60%

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Index Value
Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid content % ≥ 60 %
Free Fatty Acid % ≤ 18 %
Expiry Date 2 years or 24 months for all grades
Moisture % ≤ 15 %
Iron % ≤ 0.2 %

Product Overview

Chemical appearance

Alky Hydroxamic Acid has a pretty dark red colour appearance. It also comes in a thick liquid form which has no strong kind of odour. It has the tendency to solidify when exposed to temperatures which are lower than 15 ºC.

Chemical application and strength

Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid or Alkyl Hydroximic Acidis a very good collector and flotation agent with oxidized sulfide and different metallic oxides, even ones which are very difficult to extract by other collector agents. It has a strong collection power with wolframite, copper oxide ores, titanic iron, hematite, niobium ores, and many more. It can strongly extract various non-ferrous metals.

  • In alkaline conditions, Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid is a strong floater of fine cassiterite
  • It should be placed in an environment away from exposure to water and extreme heat from fire and sunlight. If placed in a very cold confinement, it has the tendency to solidify.
  • It is easily soluble in water and also in various organic solutions.
  • Its chain length increases along with the broadening of floatability.
  • Has mass fraction of less than 0.5% and is typically used by some as an aqueous solution.
  • Flotation recovery rate increase with pH levels below pH 10 but strongly declines above that.

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Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid 60%