Other Trading Names:

  • Dihydroberberine Powder

CAS Number: 483-15-8

HS Code: 2934999090

Types of Packaging:

  • 500g/ Aluminium Foil Bag
  • 1kg/ Aluminium Foil Bag
  • 25kg/2 PE bags the inside/fiber drum outside
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Product Name



Yellow powder




Food Grade

Chemical Description 

  • Dihydroberberine is a potent compound renowned for its multifaceted therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic, antitumor, and hypolipidemic effects.
  • Serving as an enhanced iteration of berberine, a natural alkaloid celebrated for its glycemic benefits, Dihydroberberine represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of biomedical research and therapeutic intervention.
  • Unlike its predecessor, berberine, Dihydroberberine boasts superior bioavailability and gastrointestinal tolerability, making it an attractive candidate for therapeutic use.
  • Its enhanced absorption rate, facilitated by structural modifications, ensures optimal uptake by the body, surpassing berberine's efficacy by up to fivefold.
  • This heightened bioavailability holds the promise of maximizing therapeutic impact and amplifying health benefits across a spectrum of physiological processes.
  • Central to Dihydroberberine's pharmacological profile is its profound influence on lipid metabolism, a cornerstone of cardiovascular health.
  • By modulating cholesterol levels and promoting lipid homeostasis, Dihydroberberine exerts a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, mitigating the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.
  • And to add, it is easily absorbed by the stomach, improving overall gut health and metabolism.
  • Its multifaceted actions underscore its potential as a therapeutic agent in the management of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular complications.
  • In the realm of storage and stability, meticulous care must be exercised to preserve the integrity of Dihydroberberine powder. Sealed storage at 4°C, shielded from light and moisture, ensures optimal preservation of its pharmacological properties.
  • Long-term storage options include freezing at -20°C for up to three years or at -80°C in solvent for one year, offering flexibility and convenience in laboratory settings.
  • As research into Dihydroberberine continues to unfold, its diverse therapeutic applications and unrivaled efficacy hold immense promise for advancing human health and wellness.
  • From its anti-inflammatory prowess to its lipid-modulating effects, Dihydroberberine stands as a beacon of hope in the ongoing quest for novel therapeutic interventions and preventive strategies against a myriad of chronic diseases and metabolic disorders.
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