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Camachem CC5640

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Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate

Ferrocene 98%

Other Trading Names:

  • Dicyclopentadienyliron
  • Di-2,4-cyclopentadien-1-yl iron
  • Biscyclopentadienyliron

CAS Number:

  • 102-54-5

HS Code:

  • Forrence is typically 2932.20

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg/bag
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Ferrocene 98%

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Chemical Name

Ferrocene 98%

Chemical description


CAS number



Orange Powder


99% min

Mineral substance %min


PH value


Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Chemical Description:

  • Nature: Ferrocene is an organic transition metal compound, distinguished by its aromatic nature.
  • Alternate Name: It is commonly known as dicyclopentadienyl iron.
  • Molecular Structure: The compound is made up of a divalent iron cation paired with two cyclopentadienyl anions.
  • Raw Material: One of its primary uses is as a precursor or raw material in the synthesis of ferrocenecarboxylic acid.
  • Appearance: Ferrocene manifests as an orange needle-like crystal powder when observed at room temperature.
  • Aroma: It emits a distinct scent reminiscent of camphor.
  • Polarity: Chemically, it's categorized as a non-polar compound, which influences its solubility and interaction with other substances.
  • Applications: Beyond its role in creating ferrocenecarboxylic acid, Ferrocene has diverse applications in the chemical industry due to its unique structure and properties.
  • Stability: It showcases stability under normal conditions, which is beneficial for storage and transport.
  • Innovation: Ferrocene's discovery paved the way for the development of a whole new class of compounds known as metallocenes, which have since been integral in many areas of modern chemistry.
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Ferrocene 98%