Other Trading Names:

  • Aliphatic hydrocarbon
  • Dipropyl Methane

CAS Number: 142-82-5

HS Code: 2901100000

Types of Packaging:

  • 140 Kg Drum
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Chemical Name


Assay (GC),Heptanes

99.9% Min

Assay (GC),Normal Heptane


Assay (GC),Order Isomers

1.0% Max


Colorless Transparent Liquid

Specific Gravity @15.56C

0.68-0.695 g/cm3

Acidity as Acetic Acid

0.002% Max

Residue After Evaporation

10 ppm Max

Sulfur (as S)

0.001% Max



Chemical Description

  • Heptane is a transparent, colorless liquid with a molecular formula C7H16.
  • It is hardly soluble in water, slightly soluble in methanol, and miscible in ether, chloroform, dichloromethane, and other low-polar solvents.
  • Heptane (and its many isomers) is widely used in laboratories as a non-polar solvent.
  • Heptane is frequently used as a non-polar solvent in chemical laboratories for the extraction and purification of various compounds.
  • It is particularly useful in chromatographic techniques, such as liquid-liquid extraction and column chromatography.
  • It is used as a reference standard in determining the octane rating of fuels. The octane rating scale is based on a mixture of heptane (0 octane rating) and iso-octane (100 octane rating).
  • In the fuel industry, heptane is used in small quantities as a blending agent to adjust the volatility of gasoline and improve engine performance.
  • It is used in the production of adhesives and sealants due to its solvent properties, which help in dissolving rubber and other polymers.
  • It serves as a solvent in the manufacturing and processing of rubber and plastic products, aiding in the formation and finishing of these materials.
  • Due to its solvent capabilities, it is a component in various spot removers and cleaning agents used to remove oil-based stains and residues.
  • Heptane is used in some art supplies, particularly in markers and inks, where it helps to dissolve and distribute the color evenly.
  • It is employed in the pharmaceutical industry for the extraction of active ingredients from plant materials and other sources due to its selective solubility properties.
  • It is utilized as an industrial degreaser for cleaning metal parts and machinery, effectively removing oils, greases, and other contaminants.
  • Heptane is used in the aerospace and automotive industries for testing engines and fuel systems to ensure performance and efficiency.
  • It is available in 140 Kg drum packaging, and it is ideal for transportation and storage.
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