High Density Polyethylene

Other Trading Names:

  • HDPE

CAS Number: 9002-88-4

HS Code: 3901901000

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg/Bag
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High Density Polyethylene

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Chemical Name

High Density Polyethylene



Molecular Formula


CAS Number



White Pellets or Granules

Grade Standard

Film Grade, Pipe Grade, Injection Molding Grade, Blow Molding Grade


Insoluble in water

Melting Point

130 ° C


0.941 - 0.960 g/cm³

Chemical Description 

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer made from the monomer ethylene. It is renowned for its high strength-to-density ratio, which renders it robust, rigid, and less permeable than other forms of polyethylene. HDPE is characterized by its white solid form, typically available in granular or pellet shapes for various applications.
  • HDPE's polymer chains are mostly linear, allowing them to pack closely together. This high-density packing results in a material that is more rigid and less permeable than lower density polyethylene variants. The linear configuration contributes to HDPE's high tensile strength and impact resistance.
  • HDPE is extensively utilized in the production of plastic bottles, containers, and packaging for its excellent moisture barrier properties and chemical resistance. These features make it ideal for protecting products from contamination and extending their shelf life.
  • In the construction industry, HDPE is employed in the manufacturing of pipes and fittings. Its high tensile strength and flexibility, combined with resistance to chemicals and corrosion, make it a preferred material for plumbing, sewage, and water infrastructure.
  • The automotive sector utilizes HDPE for parts such as fuel tanks, bumpers, and interior trims due to its impact resistance and durability. HDPE's lightweight nature contributes to overall vehicle weight reduction, enhancing fuel efficiency.
  • For consumer goods, HDPE is chosen for items like toys, household containers, and outdoor furniture, offering safety, strength, and longevity. Its resistance to UV radiation makes it suitable for outdoor applications without significant degradation.
  • Agricultural uses of HDPE include irrigation systems, silage sheets, and containers for fertilizers and pesticides. Its durability and resistance to environmental stressors support the demanding conditions of agricultural operations.
  • HDPE's versatility extends to the manufacturing of durable shopping bags and garbage bags, where its strength and tear resistance are highly valued. The material's recyclability aligns with environmental sustainability efforts, promoting its use in eco-friendly packaging solutions.
  • High Density Polyethylene's diverse applications across various industries are attributed to its excellent physical and chemical properties, making it a material of choice for a wide range of products.
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High Density Polyethylene