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Certified High Quality Mining Chemicals Supplier

Camachem is a leading supplier of essential and rare chemicals for mining and mineral processing operations at optimal levels around the world. We bring to the industry a broad line of high-quality mining chemicals as well as long-term co-operation with both local and international clients.

As of now, the global mining chemicals market is unorganized with a number of suppliers providing products that most often fail to meet the quality expectations. We understand the advantages of having high quality mining chemicals and the benefits it can have for the mining industry.

Supported by a dedicated team of international professionals. Camachem offers a diverse range of mining chemical products for use in different applications throughout various mining operations. Listed are just a few of the products we offer:

Types of Chemicals needed in the Mining Process

Every stage of mining operation needs special chemicals to meet the specific purpose. Typically, the mining chemicals market has products including:


Flocculants are used to treat water in mineral extraction and in flotation processes. These could include chemicals like ferric chloride and aluminum sulfate.


Collectors are necessary for mineral separation. They are reagents that are used in the froth flotation process.

Solvent Extractants

Solvent Extractants help protect against degradation. As well they are used in the purification of copper and other precious metals.

Grinding Aid

Grinding Aids help with high energy consumption and scarcity of water used for mineral processing. They are used as chemical additives.

Typically, mining chemicals are needed for ore processing of ferrous/non-ferrous metals and many other minerals across the globe. However, the scarcity of the 100% pure mining chemicals has significantly dented the profits for many companies in the market.

In the pursuit of offering the real value to our industrial clients, we offer the highest quality mining chemicals for sale including:

  • Activated Carbon- It is a leaching chemical. This chemical is used in gold extraction processes.
  • Ferrous Sulfate- Used as a fluid property modulator in mining. It is used in surface treatment of metals.
  • Collectors- Used to modify surface properties of metals. These include Xanthates, a few include PAX, SEX, SIBX, and SIPX.
  • Frothers- Chemicals used in the flotation process. These include Pine Oil and Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol.
  • Xanthates- These are used to modify surface propertiesf gold in the flotation process.

We offer mining chemicals and reagents that help mining companies to improve their mineral recovery rate and concrete grade while managing the operating costs and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Please contact us for a FREE quotation.

How Can I find a Supplier for Mining Chemicals?

A top supplier of mining chemicals must be able to meet users needs and offer the following:

  • Extensive range of mining chemical blends
  • Partnered with only ISO Certified factories
  • Global sales and after-sales service
  • Extensive Sourcing Capabilities and Transportation
  • Mineral Processing Aids
  • Technical Support

What are the High-Quality Chemicals Used for Flotation Processes?

The Flotation process involves separating the ore to achieve either a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface. It is used to separate grains from minerals in mining.

  • Collectors are the most used chemicals to modify surface properties of gold.
  • Xanthates are widely used collectors used in this process.
  • Xanthates include PAX, SEX, SIBX, and SIPX.
  • Dithiophosphates are phosphorus oxoanions used in flotation processes.
  • Frothers are chemicals used in the flotation process.

What are Major Mining Chemicals and How Can I Buy Chemicals?

We offer an extensive range of chemicals for all the different steps in mining. Each serving a specific purpose in the mining process.

  • These include Flotation Reagents, Leaching Chemicals, Smelting Chemicals, and Refining Chemicals.
  • We offer Collectors, Frothers, Xanthates and many more products necessary.
  • These chemicals are shipped at Camachem in sealed wooden boxes, wooden drums, steel drums or woven bags and shipped worldwide.

What Chemicals are used in Gold Mining?

There are various chemicals used in gold mining. Each serving a specific purpose. It is very important each chemical is used for its specific purpose to achieve effective results.

  • Sodium Cyanide is the primary reagent used in gold processing. It provides the extraction of gold from low grade ore.
  • Floatation Reagent chemicals are used in the flotation process to help surface properties.
  • Leaching chemicals are used in the gold extraction process.
  • Smelting chemicals are used to separate the gold from the terminal metal.
  • Refining chemicals are used to create gold.

What Chemicals are used in Coal Mining?

There are several chemicals used in Coal Mining. Each serving a specific purpose in the process of coal mining.

  • Chemicals involved in separating minerals from its ore include cyanide, solvents, and sulfuric acid. They are very efficient chemicals used in this process.
  • Nitric Acid and Ammonium Nitrate are chemicals used in coal mining.
  • Chemicals are used to help with the flotation process in coal mining.

Where Can I Buy Mining Chemicals?

Camachem has over a decade of experience exporting chemicals directly from our manufacture in China to the world. We offer an extensive range of chemicals with different uses.

We have years of experience and have helped our clients save money. Camachem is experienced in managing both small and bulk orders.

We have a regulatory and safety compliance in place for all chemicals we sell. We provide the documents necessary for all chemicals.

Do let us know of your specific mining chemical needs (volume, packaging, and delivery specifications) so that we can proceed.

Email us on [email protected] or fill the online form for any inquiries or questions.

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