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Frequently Asked Questions about Dithiophosphate



1. Can Camachem manage the logistical details for buying dithiophosphate?

Yes we can! That being said, we will consult you when it comes to the specifics of the logistical arrangement for buying dithiophosphate. For any further questions about specific shipping protocols, please connect with us via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.


2. How does Camachem source dithiophosphate?

Camachem has more than a decade of exporting directly from our manufacturer of dithiophosphate from China to the world. We have years of experience and cost savings for our clients to prove it. If you have any further questions about our manufacturing plant or how you can buy chemicals from us, please send us a message via the contact us page.


3. How quickly will I hear back about my inquiry about dithiophosphate?

Camachem, we pride ourselves in our efficiency and dependability. A sales representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your quotation to buy chemicals. You can also send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response at +86-131-2037-9271.


4. Do you accept bulk and small orders of dithiophosphate?

Camachem is experienced at managing bulk orders for all dithiophosphate. Camachem does engage in small-scale orders in order to help our clients scale to larger orders or have samples for testing. However, our major focus in on orders greater than 1 20ft container.


5. Will you send me a sample of dithiophosphate?

For most non-dangerous chemicals, we are ready to ship samples via international couriers. If you seek samples of dithiophosphate to obtain before you decide to buy the chemicals in bulk , please reach out to us at our contact page.


6. Can you provide me with a copy of SDS or MSDS for dithiophosphate?

Camachem prides itself in regulatory and safety compliance for all chemicals that we sell. We have a suite of SDS and MSDS documents for all of our chemicals, including dithiophosphate. When inquiring to buy chemicals, feel free to download the dithiophosphate SDS or dithiophosphate MSDS that is available on our website.


7. Can Camachem ship to dithiophosphate my country?

We work with over 94 countries, all of which can be found on our countries served page. We normally ship to the largest port in a country or region; if you require a special shipping location to buy dithiophosphate, we are glad to accommodate. Please include this in your inquiry for buying dithiophosphate.


8. Can Camachem print my company's logo on the packaging or provide us with OEM services?

We understand that OEM services are crucial to a company's brand recognition, and that is why we specialize in printing and branding shipments of chemicals. Please feel free to send us any images and specifications of your company's logo via our contact us page.


9. What forms of payment does Camachem accept?

Our standard payment terms are TT 30% on order and balance on production completion. We also can ensure that the test report is provided to you and you are satisfied before balance payment. For large bulk orders to buy chemicals, we also accept LC on sight payment. Please contact us for further clarification if required.


10. Can you arrange third party testing of the chemical before purchase of dithiophosphate?

Yes! We work with reputable international testing agencies such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, Intertek, CCIC and other agencies that client’s worldwide trust to conduct independent testing. We arrange for the agencies to visit the plant, review production, test product, conduct testing in their own labs, issue reports and seal containers before export.


11. Do you arrange for certificate of conformity (COC) and pre-export verification document (PVOC)?

Yes! Again working with the international agencies that are authorized to conduct COC/PVOC for your country, we will arrange COC/PVOC in compliance with your country's regulation. Please note that extra COC/PVOC costs do apply.


12. Will my cargo be insured in transit?

Yes, under incoterms of CIF, all chemicals are insured with top global insurance agencies.


What are Dithiophosphates?

Dithiophosphates are a type of collector which is used in the process of flotation of different earth materials. These chemicals have the ability to magnify the effect of hydrophobicity of a mineral surface so it can be easily be absorbed on the foam or froth produced. Its absorption to the foam is what improves the floatability of a certain mineral. Different types of collectors have varying levels of frothing abilities.

There are different types of dithiophosphates out in the market today and more are being developed. Each kind has different specifications and levels of effectiveness as a mineral collector. They also have different appearances in color and form. Some have yellow, brown, and green color while almost all are in an oily liquid form. Another characteristic of dithiophosphates is that they are sensitive to heat which is why proper storage should be observed. When they are exposed to fire or any extreme source of heat they have the tendency to decompose. DihydrocarbylDithiophosphates is its chemical name. There are two major classifications are diakylmonothiophosphate and dialkyldithiophosphate. It was discovered in the year 1925 where it started to be used in the mining industry. It is popularly used in the flotation process of various sulfide minerals.

This type of collector can be stated as chemically stable and is very hard to decompose unless suggested to high intensity head. It has a good selectivity and a poor collecting power of pyrites. This is what makes it great for the flotation process of pyrite-containing sulfide ores. A great example of its effectiveness is using it as a collector in the flotation process of lead – zinc and copper sulfide ores which contains high levels of iron sulfides.


Types of Dithiophosphates

There are various types of Dithiophosphates being offered. Each one has its own specifications and level of effectiveness as a collector in the mining industry. These types include the following: Dithiophosphate 25, Dithiophosphate 25S, Dithiophosphate IBS, Dithiophosphate BS, Dithiophosphate BA, and Amino – Dithiophosphate.


Dithiophosphate 25

This type of Dithiophosphateis a great collector which also has frothing characteristics and is not selective towards sulfide minerals. It has a high level of effectivity in the flotation process of copper, silver, zinc sulfide minerals (activated), and lead. Floatation of pyrite and various iron sulfide minerals don’t float in alkaline solutions but do in an acid or neutral medium.


Dithiophosphate 25S

This kind has a great collection power for lead and copper sulfide minerals but is weak in the collection process of zinc sulfide. Because of its selective characteristics, 25S is usually used in the separation flotation process of lead and copper sulfides from zinc sulfide minerals. Dithiophosphate 25S is one of the most commonly used. It is an aqueous with a dark brown and almost black appearance which is odorless.


Dithiophosphate IBS

This type has a dark brown appearance which is also odorless. It is a very good collector when used on copper, silver, zinc sulfide, and gold ores. However when in an alkaline circuit, it exhibits very weak collecting power on pyrites. Also, it has minimal frothing ability which is why additional frothers are used along with it.


Dithiophosphate BA

It exhibits strong frothing abilities and a great collector for non-ferrous metallic minerals. Its major component is Ammonium Dibutyldithiophosphate and is very soluble in water while having no strong odor. It is very efficient in the flotation process of antimony and nickel sulfide minerals, as well as with nickel sulfide minerals which have low flotation characteristics. Many mining companies use this in the recovery process of precious minerals like silver, platinum, and gold.


Amino – Dithiophosphate

It has a white powder color which is soluble in alcohol and alkali liquor rather than water. It is effectively used in the flotation process of various non-ferrous metallic sulfide minerals. It exhibits strong collection power and great selectivity in the flotation process. It is used primarily in the flotation process of copper and lead minerals which are contained in iron and sphalerite sulfide. Also, this type of dithiophosphate is used in raising the ratio of recovery in the flotation process of silver and gold.


We have other Dithiophosphates such as:

Sodium Diisoamyl Dithiophosphate

Ammonium Dicresyl Dithiophosphate

Sodium Diethyl Dithiophosphate  

Sodium Diisopropyl Dithiophosphate 

Sodium Di-Sec-Butyl Dithiophosphate


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