Overview of the Chemical Industry in Tanzania and How to Buy Chemicals?

Flag of Tanzania.

Brief Introduction of Tanzania


  • Capital of Tanzania is Dodoma
  • It has a population of 58,005,463 million.
  • The total area is 945,087 km2.
  • The official languages of Tanzania are
    • Swahili
    • English
  • The currency is Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

 Economic Statistics of Tanzania

Tanzania is the 10th largest economy in Africa and 82nd in the world. It has a GDP of $63.177 billion.

Economy Breakdown

  • Agriculture 28.74%
  • Industry 25.1%
  • Services 37.92%

Main Industries of Tanzania

The largest industries of Tanzania are:

  • Agricultural Processing
  • Diamond, Gold, and Iron Mining
  • Oil Refining

Tanzania’s Main Import Partners

  • China 34%
  • India 15.1%
  • United Arab Emirates 12.3%
  • South Africa 4.24%
  • Japan 2.72%

Tanzania’s Main Export Partners

  • India 19.7%
  • United Arab Emirates 13.4%
  • China 8.15%
  • Switzerland 6.55%
  • Rwanda 5.76%

Chemical Use in Tanzania


Given the economic growth of Tanzania, it is an attractive country for chemical trade. Tanzania’s chemical industry is diverse and includes chemicals for:

  • Agricultural Processing
  • Mining
  • Oil Refining

Oil Refinery in Tanzania.

Agricultural Processing

Tanzania’s agricultural processing industry is huge. In the agricultural processing industries chemicals are extensively used. They are used for the manufacturing of fertilisers for enhancing the fertility of soil and for enriching it. Many chemicals are used to increase crop yield and enhance the quality of crops. Chemicals are also used in the manufacturing of products such as herbicides, insecticides, algicides, bactericides, and fungicides etc. for the good growth and protection of agricultural produce from harmful organisms.


In the mining industries chemicals are used at large. They are used for various purposes. Chemicals are used for the extraction of metals from their ores. They are used in various extraction and separation processes like flotation. They are used for adjusting the pH, froth formation, collection, and further processing and refining of metals.

Oil Refining

Oil refining industry is one of the largest in Tanzania. The use of chemicals in oil refineries is quite common and also necessary. Various chemicals are used in the different processes of oil refineries. Chemicals are used for purification of oils. Chemicals are also used for converting the extracted oils into various refined products.

Seaports and Trading Hubs of the Country


Tanzania is accessible by both land and sea. For international trading, the main seaports are:

  • Port of Dar Es Salaam
  • Mtwara Port
  • Port of Tanga

Port of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

For importing the goods, Camachem uses the largest port, the Port of Dar Es Salaam.

What Chemicals does Tanzania Import?


According to the latest trade data, Tanzania imported around $48.9 thousand in inorganic chemicals and $68.4 million in organic chemicals. The imports include chemicals such as:

Sodium Thioglycolate is one of the key chemicals that we export to Tanzania.

Calcium Chloride is one of the key chemicals that we export to Tanzania.

Polyaluminium Chloride is one of the key chemicals that we export to Tanzania.

What Regulations are there on Importing Chemicals to the Country?


In order to import chemicals to Tanzania the requirements are:

  • Shipments to Tanzania require the Import Declaration Form (IDF). This form is available on the Tanzanian Revenue Authority’s (TRA) website or at any Tanzanian Customs office.
  • Importers in Tanzania are required to establish whether or not the goods to be imported are subject to Pre-Shipment Verification of Conformity (PVoC).
  • Generally any shipment valued at over US$5000 is subjected to
  • 2% of FOB must be paid to a designated commercial bank.
  • Importers are required to provide full contact details of the actual supplier

Why should Tanzania Import Chemicals?


Availability – The domestic chemical enterprises produce quite a limited amount of chemicals and some clients require a lot of chemicals in an effective manner. It is highly popular among different high end industries. Due to the immense rise in the demand of chemicals, it is of utmost importance for Tanzania to import it in order to meet the needs of the country.


High Chemical Cost – Due to the fierce domestic competition and high costs of production, the local prices of chemicals are much higher than those in the world market. So chemicals are economical to buy from the international market. Tanzania spent about $1.14 billion on chemicals in 2019.


Chemical Quality – While a majority of international chemical suppliers are well known for their good quality products, some small domestic producers can have diverse chemical quality. Local chemical suppliers do not have good reputations and are generally not trusted much due to the bad quality of their products. Therefore, in order to get superior quality products that meet buyer’s high standards, internationally acclaimed suppliers are the best option.

Where can I Buy Chemicals for Tanzania?


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