Cyanoacetic Acid

Other Trading Names:

  • Cyanomethylate
  • Ethane-1,1-dicarbonitrile
  • Cyanomethylcarboxylic acid
  • Cyanomethylformic acid
  • Cyanoethanoic Acid
  • α-Cyanoacetic Acid
  • Cyanomethanoic Acid
  • Malononitrilecarboxylic Acid
  • Cyanoacetic Acid
  • Methanetricarboxylic Acid, Cyanohydrin

CAS Number: 372-09-8

HS Code: 29224990

Types of Packaging:

  • 1 Kg/ Glass Bottle
  • 50 Kg/ Gallon
  • 250 Kg/ ISO TANK
  • 1000 Kg IBC Container
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Cyanoacetic Acid

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Test Item

Standard Specification


70% ± 1%


10% – 30%


1% – 10%


Light yellow transparent liquid

Chemical Description

  • Cyanoacetic Acid is an essential class of organic synthetic raw materials and intermediates used in medicine and dyestuff production.
  • Its derivatives, such as methyl cyanoacetate and ethyl cyanoacetate, find extensive applications in medicine, agriculture, and new materials development, driving the demand for high-purity cyanoacetic acid.
  • With the molecular formula C3H3NO2, Cyanoacetic Acid is a versatile organic compound utilized across various industries.
  • It typically appears as colorless to pale yellow crystals or powder with a distinct odor similar to acetic acid and a melting point ranging from 64 to 66°C.
  • Cyanoacetic Acid demonstrates high solubility in water, ethanol, and ether, facilitating its incorporation into solvent-based formulations and reactions.
  • As a chemical intermediate, it serves as a crucial precursor in the synthesis of numerous important organic compounds, including pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, Cyanoacetic Acid is utilized for synthesizing pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  • Its ability to undergo various chemical transformations, such as condensation and alkylation reactions, makes it indispensable in organic synthesis processes.
  • Cyanoacetic Acid plays a significant role in manufacturing agrochemicals like herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, supporting crop protection and agricultural productivity.
  • Additionally, it finds applications in the production of specialty chemicals like dyes, pigments, and flavoring agents, owing to its reactivity and versatility.
  • Stringent quality control measures are applied to ensure the purity and consistency of Cyanoacetic Acid in industrial applications.
  • Cyanoacetic Acid serves as a fundamental compound with diverse applications across pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical industries, fostering innovation and advancement in organic chemistry and chemical synthesis.
  • Cyanoacetic Acid is utilized in the production of specialty polymers and plastics, contributing to their mechanical and thermal properties.
  • It plays a crucial role in gas separation processes, particularly for capturing and removing carbon dioxide in industrial applications.
  • Cyanoacetic Acid finds application in the synthesis of specialty chemicals used in the fragrance and flavor industry, enhancing the sensory properties of consumer products.
  • Due to its excellent stability and compatibility, Cyanoacetic Acid is employed as a stabilizer and cross-linking agent in polymer formulations and coatings.
  • In the food industry, Cyanoacetic Acid serves as a solvent for extracting natural flavors and fragrances from botanical sources, contributing to the development of food products with enhanced taste and aroma profiles.
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Cyanoacetic Acid