Urolithin A

Other Trading Names:

  • Urolithin
  • Urolithin A
  • Urolithin UA
  • Urolithin A Powder

CAS Number: 1143-70-0

HS Code: 2914400090

Types of Packaging:

  • 1kg/Plastic Bag
  • 1kg/Aluminium Foil Bag
  • 10kg in Aluminium Foil Bag inside/Fiber Drum Outside
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Urolithin A

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Product Name

Urolithin A Powder


Light Yellow Powder







A single Impurity


Organic Solvent

≤3000 ppm

Chemical Description

  • Urolithin A is a natural metabolite arising from the intricate interplay of gut microbiota and dietary ellagitannins, found abundantly in pigmented fruits such as pomegranates, red, and blackberries.
  • This remarkable compound, classified as a benzo-coumarin or dibenzo-α-pyrone organic compound, holds profound implications for health and wellness, with emerging research shedding light on its therapeutic potential.
  • Urolithin A's impact extends far beyond its origins, with studies showcasing its ability to enhance muscle function and stimulate mitophagy, the cellular process responsible for clearing damaged mitochondria.
  • Particularly compelling is its efficacy in models of muscular dystrophy, hinting at its promise as a therapeutic agent in combating age-related muscle decline and degenerative neuromuscular disorders.
  • Furthermore, Urolithin A exhibits a multifaceted role in cellular homeostasis, bolstering the cell's antioxidant capacity and mitigating oxidative stress-associated disorders.
  • By activating autophagy upon oral administration, Urolithin A supplements hold the potential to rejuvenate mitochondrial and cellular health, offering a tantalizing avenue for combating age-related decline and promoting longevity.
  • Beyond its role in cellular health, Urolithin A emerges as a dietary supplement endowed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, offering a holistic approach to wellness and vitality.
  • While allergic reactions to Urolithin A are rare, vigilance is paramount, with any signs of adverse reactions warranting immediate cessation and medical evaluation.
  • In the ever-evolving landscape of preventive medicine and therapeutic interventions, Urolithin A stands as a beacon of hope, bridging the gap between dietary constituents and cellular health.
  • Urolithin A continues to be one of the most effective supplements to bolster cell healing and helps reverse the effects of aging by promoting cell production and helping the body rejuvenate with promising muscle growth.
  • As research continues to unravel its intricacies, Urolithin A holds the potential to revolutionize our approach to aging and age-related disorders, paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant future.
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Urolithin A