Other Trading Names:

  • Aminobenzene
  • Phenylamine
  • Benzeneamine
  • Aniline Base

CAS Number: 62-53-3

HS Code: 29214110

Types of Packaging:

  • 200kg iron drum
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Chemical Name




Molecular Formula


CAS Number



Colorless to slightly yellow liquid

Grade Standard

Pharmaceutical Grade, Industrial Grade, Technical Grade


Slightly soluble in water, miscible with ethanol, ether, and other organic solvents

Melting Point


Boiling Point



1.02 g/cm³

Chemical Description

  • Aniline, also known as aminobenzene, is an organic compound with the formula C6H7N. This chemical is characterized by a benzene ring attached to an amino group. Aniline is a colorless to slightly yellow liquid with a characteristic odor and is slightly soluble in water but miscible with most organic solvents.
  • Aniline is primarily used in the manufacture of polyurethane foam, which is a key material in the automotive and furniture industries. It acts as a precursor to a vast range of products, including polyurethane, dyes, antioxidants, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic rubber.
  • In the dye manufacturing sector, Aniline is crucial for producing indigo, black dyes, and other colored dyes for textiles and inks. Its ability to bind well with many substances makes it valuable for creating vibrant and lasting colors.
  • The pharmaceutical industry uses Aniline as a starting material in the synthesis of various drugs, including acetaminophen and paracetamol, highlighting its importance in medical applications.
  • Aniline also finds significant applications in the agricultural industry as a precursor for the production of herbicides, particularly atrazine and other triazine herbicides.
  • In the rubber processing industry, Aniline is used to manufacture rubber chemicals that enhance the properties of rubber, such as its elasticity and durability. This application is vital for producing high-quality tires and other rubber products.
  • Additionally, Aniline is employed in the production of explosives where it is used to synthesize nitroaniline and other compounds critical for explosive materials.
  • Aniline is essential in the production of polyurethane foam, used extensively in automotive interiors and furniture manufacturing due to its flexibility and durability.
  • It serves as a critical ingredient in the synthesis of indigo and black dyes, crucial for textile and ink industries. Aniline's ability to form stable, vibrant colors makes it indispensable in dye manufacturing.
  • Due to its wide range of applications and its role in various industrial processes, Aniline is an essential chemical in many sectors. Its properties as an amine make it a versatile intermediate in chemical synthesis, affecting various manufacturing processes globally.
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