Chromium Sulphate

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Other Trading Names:

  • Chromium(III) Sulphate
  • Chromosal B
  • Chromic hydroxide sulfate
  • Chromium(3+) hydroxide sulfate
  • BCS /chrome powder
  • Chromium Sulfate
  • Basic Chromium Sulfate
  • Basic Chromium Sulphate
  • Chromium Hydroxide Sulphate
  • Chromium(3+) Salt
  • Chromic Sulfate
  • Chromium(III) Sulfate Basic
  • Chromium Trisulfate

CAS Number: 10101-53-8

HS Code: 2833292000

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg Bag/16 tons/20''FCL with pallet
  • 25kg Bag/21 tons/ 20''FCL without pallet
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Chromium Sulphate

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Chemical Name

Chromium Sulphate



CAS Number



bright green powder

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade


21 g/(100 mL)

Melting Point


Boiling Point

330ºC at 760 Mmhg


3.012 g/cm3

Molecular Formula


Chemical Description 

  • Chromium Sulphate, commonly referred to as Chromium(III) Sulphate, is a chemical compound with a formula that includes Cr2(SO4)3 and variable amounts of water.
  • It exists mainly as a green crystalline solid and is recognized for its high solubility in water compared to its insolubility in alcohol.
  • This compound is extensively used in the leather industry for the tanning of hides, a process critical for transforming raw hides into soft, durable leather.
  • The presence of Chromium Sulphate helps in cross-linking the collagen fibers, enhancing the leather's thermal stability, and resistance to microbial degradation.
  • In textile dyeing, Chromium Sulphate serves as a mordant, facilitating the dyeing process by forming a bridge between the dye and the fiber, thus ensuring the dye's fastness on the fabric.
  • It is also a key ingredient in the production of pigments, offering a range of green to violet colors used in paints, inks, and plastics. These pigments are prized for their vivid colors, stability, and non-toxic nature.
  • The wood preservation industry utilizes Chromium Sulphate for its ability to protect wood from decay and pests. It is a component of preservative solutions that impregnate wood, extending its life and durability.
  • In the field of chemical synthesis, Chromium Sulphate is employed as a catalyst and reagent in various reactions, including the synthesis of other chromium-based chemicals.
  • The compound's role extends to water treatment, where it aids in the removal of pollutants and heavy metals, contributing to cleaner water systems.
  • Chromium Sulphate's use in ceramics as a colorant adds vibrant colors to pottery and ceramic products, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
  • Despite its widespread utility, handling Chromium Sulphate necessitates careful consideration of environmental and safety guidelines, as improper disposal or excessive exposure can lead to environmental harm.
  • However, when managed responsibly, it remains a valuable resource across multiple industries, contributing to advancements in manufacturing, environmental protection, and artistic expression.
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Chromium Sulphate