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N - Butyl Vinyl Ether / Butyl Vinyl Ether 98%

Ethyl Vinyl Ether / Ethoxyethene ≥ 98 %

100% of 100

CAS Number

109 - 92 - 2  

Other trading names

  • Ethoxyethene
  • Ethoxyethene
  • 1 - Ethoxyethylene
  • Vinyl Ethyl Ether
  • Vinamar
  • Ethene, Ethoxy

Types of Packaging

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000 kg capacity/drum or tank
  • Use plastic drums with 25 kg weight capacity per drum.

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Ethyl Vinyl Ether / Ethoxyethene ≥ 98 %

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Index Value
Ethyl Vinyl Ether % ≥ 98 %
Boiling Point 35°C
Melting Point -116°C
Density 0.753 g/mL
Molecular Weight 72.11 g / mol
Chemical Formula C4H8O

Product Overview

Chemical appearance

Ethyl Vinyl Ether or Ethoxyethene has a colorless transparent appearance and come in a liquid form. It has a distinguishable ether odour and is very soluble in water. It has a density of 0.753 g/mL.

Chemical application and strength

 Ethyl Vinyl Ether or Ethoxyethen is a chemical which has a wide range of industrial applications. One of its main uses is in the production of varnishes and adhesives. It is also used as an anesthetic drug which is suitable for all ages. Its application in the medical field covers operative procedures which don’t require muscle soreness.

  • A great satisfactory agent used in thoracic procedures, given that hypotension risk is avoided.
  • It has a characteristic of having a rapid emergence, shift, and induction of the level of anaesthesia.
  • A safe analgesic agent when used with the open drop technique.
  • It has a tendency of hypotension and loss of muscle relaxation reliability.
  • Used as a monomer and a synthetic building block.
  • Should be kept in an environment free of water and moisture. Should also kept far away from fire or high temperatures. 

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Ethyl Vinyl Ether / Ethoxyethene ≥ 98 %