Iminodiacetic Acid

Other Trading Names:

  • IDA
  • N-(Carboxymethyl)-glycine
  • NSC-18467

CAS Number: 142-73-4

HS Code: 29224985

Types of Packaging:

  • 100g Aluminum Pouch
  • 500g Aluminum Pouch
  • 1kg Aluminum Pouch
  • 5 kg Aluminum Pouch
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Iminodiacetic Acid

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Chemical Name

Iminodiacetic Acid

Cas Number



White Crystals

Chemical Formula


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Melting Point


Boiling Point


Refractive Index


Flash Point


Water Solubility

2.43 g/100 mL




99% Min

Chemical Description

  • Iminodiacetic Acid is a white crystalline organic compound also known as IDA or N-(Carboxymethyl)-glycine.
  • It is used in the clinical imaging procedure known as a Hepatobiliary Iminodiacetic Acid (HIDA) scan to diagnose various problems of the liver, bile duct, and gallbladder.
  • Another fantastic use of IDA in clinical procedures is the use of iminodiacetate-modified poly-L-lysine dendrimer (IMPLD) for the diagnosis of bone tumors or for supplying chemotherapy drugs or therapeutic agents.
  • It plays the role of an essential intermediate in one of the industrial processes for the manufacturing of herbicide glyphosate. It is also used in capillary electrophoresis to modulate peptide mobility.
  • IDA acts as a precursor in preparation for the indicator xylenol orange.
  • It is used in the manufacturing of IDA-type absorbents for protein purification.
  • Its chelating properties enable it to develop stable complexes with metal ions, which helps in the metal ion removal or separation process.
  • It's a vital compound in the preparation of many pharmaceutical products and organic compounds.
  • Its solubility in water makes it a perfect solute for aqueous solutions. The water solubility of IDA is 2.43 g/100 mL.
  • It has a chemical formula HN(CH₂COOH)2, a molecular weight of 133.10, and 99% purity.
  • IDA is a chemically stable product under ambient conditions with a flash point of 177.9°C.
  • It is a weak acid with the capability of ionization in solutions to release hydrogen ions.
  • It is a safe chemical when used according to the proper protocols mentioned in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
  • Due to its chelating ability and unique chemical properties, IDA is a multipurpose compound with a wide range of applications in industry, chemistry, and biochemistry laboratories.
  • As per demand, it is available in different packaging, from 100g to 200 kg, in aluminum bags, sacks, cartons, and drums.
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Iminodiacetic Acid