Sodium Dicyanamide

Other Trading Names:

  • SDA
  • Sodium Cyanoguanidine
  • Dicyanamide sodium salt

CAS Number: 3811-73-2

HS Code: 292620

Types of Packaging:

  • 5 Kg/ Aluminum Foil Bag
  • 25 Kg/ Cardboard Box
  • 50 Kg/ Woven Bag
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Sodium Dicyanamide

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Chemical Property


Chemical Formula


Chemical Structure

Consists of sodium ions (Na+) and dicyanamide ions (C2N2^-)


White crystalline powder

Boiling Point

Not applicable


Approximately 1.5 g/cm³


Soluble in water, ethanol, and acetone



Molecular Weight

Approximately 89.07 g/mol

Chemical Description

  • Sodium Dicyanamide (NaDCA), also known as NaNCN, is widely recognized for its versatility and multifaceted applications across industries. Derived from cyanamide, NaDCA exhibits unique chemical properties that make it indispensable in various industrial processes.
  • NaDCA's significance extends beyond drug synthesis; it aids in the development of medications with diverse therapeutic properties, crucial for combating infectious diseases and improving public health. Its ability to modulate biological pathways and inhibit microbial growth makes it a valuable asset in pharmaceutical research and development.
  • Its role in herbicides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators contributes to sustainable farming practices by promoting crop health and productivity while minimizing environmental impact. NaDCA-based formulations effectively target pests and pathogens, providing farmers with efficient solutions for crop protection.
  • In specialty chemical production, NaDCA's incorporation into flame retardants and corrosion inhibitors enhances safety standards across various applications. Its ability to inhibit combustion and protect metal surfaces from corrosion ensures the longevity and safety of industrial materials.
  • Its involvement in metallurgical processes as a nitrogen source for nitriding underscores NaDCA's versatility and adaptability, supporting innovations in materials science and engineering. By facilitating surface hardening of metals, NaDCA enhances the mechanical properties and durability of engineered components.
  • NaDCA's utilization as a reagent and catalyst in research laboratories underscores its importance in advancing chemical synthesis methodologies and facilitating scientific discoveries. Its role in organic transformations and chemical reactions serves as a cornerstone for the development of novel compounds and materials.
  • With its proven track record of high purity and stability, NaDCA continues to be a preferred choice in industrial processes, ensuring consistent and reliable outcomes. Its compatibility with various solvents and reaction conditions makes it a versatile tool for chemical manufacturing and synthesis.
  • Sodium Dicyanamide's pivotal role reflects its indispensable contribution to diverse industries, driving progress and innovation while addressing complex societal challenges. Its versatility and wide-ranging applications position it as a cornerstone of modern chemical engineering and industrial chemistry.
  • Overall, NaDCA's broad spectrum of applications underscores its significance as a versatile chemical compound with far-reaching implications for global development and sustainability efforts. Its role in promoting resource efficiency and technological innovation highlights its potential to address emerging challenges in a rapidly evolving world.
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Sodium Dicyanamide